As reported in last week’s Boonsboro Reflection, Harvey S. Bomberger was an industrious and progressive citizen involved in politics, commerce, civic organizations, publishing and expansion of libraries in the region.  Late in his life he served Boonsboro as Mayor from 1929 to 1934.  His life of service was chillingly interrupted as described in the June 20, 1932 issue of Hagerstown’s Morning Herald that carried the headline “PLOT TO WRECK BOONSBORO HOME FAILS”.    On Sunday morning, June 19, Mayor Bomberger discovered a stick of dynamite covered with sand and small pebbles in a gallon tin oyster container on the front porch of his home.  Investigators said that the “infernal machine” was perfectly constructed and would have caused a terrific explosion if the fuse had burned to the cap.  They theorized that the 18-inch fuse failed to completely burn because of dampness.  He said “As a citizen of Boonsboro I have worked diligently for the best interests of the town.  I have no enemies, I have no quarrels and always keep peace with everyone”.  State’s Attorney J. Lloyd Harshman stated,  “A vigorous investigation of the affair will be made until all possible clues are run down.”  To the knowledge of this writer, the case was never solved.  Senator Bomberger died in 1937 and is buried in the family plot in the Boonsboro Cemetery.