Pass It On

The Boonsboro Historical Society and former Boonsboro resident Luana Goodwin have begun an effort to gather stories from long-time residents. We are interested in preserving the history that lives on in the minds and experiences of some of our oldest residents.

Have an aunt/uncle/grandparent/parent/neighbor who has lived in Boonsboro a very long time? We’d like to hear what they remember about our town – it’s people, places and events. The PASS IT ON effort started at Boonesborough Days this past September and will be an ongoing effort with periodic opportunities to come and sit for an audio recording.


Boonsboro Post Office, 1930

We are also glad to receive memories written down, as well as old photos!

Questions about PASS IT ON? Want to schedule a recording appointment? Please contact Luana Goodwin at

If you have old photos already scanned in, feel free to send to Kristin at


Click here to see/read the Boonsboro memories we’ve begun to gather and pass on.