Images of covered bridges evoke dreams of slower, simpler times in  American history.  Over the past 200 years 120 such iconic structures carried traffic over Maryland waterways, but today only 6 survive.    Snook’s Creek flows from South Mountain, crossing Alt 40 just south of Mousetown Road as it meanders into Boonsboro.  Just west of the Boonsboro Free Library, the creek crosses Potomac Street (then, Church Street).  This is the spot where early travelers to Boonsboro and all of the bustle of activity associated with a growing town passed through the Snook Creek covered bridge.   The bridge builders used the popular Burr arch truss design:  two long arches resting on the abutments on either end supported the structure.   This sturdy bridge was witness to much of Boonsboro’s story until it was removed around 1928.

Photo of covered bridge over Snook’s Creek courtesy Boonsborough Museum of History.